Custom Spares, Ltd. was founded in 1975 to supply top quality aftermarket parts for older British, European, and Japanese automobiles. We focus on unusual and discontinued items that the larger parts houses have ceased handling.

We purchase only from the highest quality manufacturers. We are constantly expanding our lines to include custom made products such as high volume oil pumps, carburetor repair kits, 316 stainless steel caliper pistons, brake rebuilding kits, special runs of engine bearings, and suspension pieces. Please review our product pages or contact us to discuss your needs.


Custom Spares Ltd. is a wholesaler of imported auto parts. Access to this site does not indicate ability to purchase. All buyers will be required to submit a business license prior to purchasing. If you are an end user and see something of interest on this site, please contact us and we can direct you to one of our 1,400 USA and international distributors. Thank you!